Get your nails painted pretty and adorn them with Jou Jou My Love

I’m loving my peach nails with gold foil tips by Lark and Sparrow Nail Boutique, a brand new nail salon in Grant Park. What’s great is that you can shop Jou Jou My Love jewelry while your nails are prettily being painted! These guys do some fantastic nail art and their salon is lovely! Check them out while they soft open for 25% off your service! It’s such a cute salon and I’m excited to be a part of it!






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Jou Jou in Pink

Hello pink! I would probably never think to buy pink pants but in my latest Stitch Fix, I was sent some and absolutely love them! If you haven’t heard of Stitch Fix, it’s a monthly clothing subscription which doesn’t cost you anything unless you don’t end up buying at least one piece. I love it because they send me things I may not typically pick out on my own but it turns out being a fun new outfit like the one I’m wearing here!

I paired my new pink denim pants with a nude top and cute shimmery gold stiletto heels as well as a white blazer from Anthropologie. And, of course I had to accessorize with some of my very own favorite jewelry creations and my new DIY clutch which you can learn how to make on my blog or purchase here (in a smaller version).


Nude Top: Francesca’s Collections | Pink Pants: Stitch Fix | White Blazer: Anthropologie | Gold Shimmery Shoes: Ann Taylor | Gold Clutch: Handmade by Jou Jou My Love | All Jewelry: Handmade by Jou Jou My Love


Close up of my handmade jewelry and DIY gold leather clutch – I’m wearing the chopper ring, the sweetest little heart ring, the infinity ring, and hammered stacking rings (to be posted to the site soon).



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ICE Weekly Craft Show at Sweet Auburn Curb Market

In addition to being in the Summer ICE market on June 28 and 29, Jou Jou My Love will be also be vendor at the July 26th and Aug 23rd Ice Weekly at Sweet Auburn Curb Market! Please come out and say hello! I will be selling my jewelry from amongst other vendors who make handmade goods!


For more information, visit:

FB so you can RSVP is here

Credit cards are accepted via Square. Hope to see you there!

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Summer ICE Craft Fair: Jou Jou My Love + Lace in June

Jou Jou My Love and Lace in June are very excited to be vendors at the Summer ICE 2014 Craft Market on June 28 and June 29th. We will be 2 vendors among 90+ selling handmade goods and crafts. We will be selling our jewelry and soy candles at this great event!


Please RSVP on Facebook or just show up – it’s an open event of course!

For more information visit:

Jou Jou My Love @
Lace in June @


June 28-29 from 11:00AM-6PM

Admission is $5

Ambient + Studio
585 Wells Street, SW, Atlanta, Georgia 30312

Credit cards are accepted via Square

Once we know our booth location, I’ll update the event so you can find us.

Hope to see you there!

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My Everyday Jewelry Style

Lately, I find myself wearing these pieces of jewelry. They are some of my favorite creations and I wear them daily!


Pictured from front to back:

– Labradorite earrings (posting soon! I only have one more of these and will hopefully restock soon)
“Gravity” Labradorite bracelet
– 14K gold filled necklace with Druzy pendent (this is a one of a kind stone I found and will be posting similar necklaces as I acquire different stones. I have a new fascination with all these pretty sparkly stones. This one is druzy).
“Sweetest Little Heart” Ring
– Labradorite wire ring (Shop similar wire wrapped rings here)
“Fall in Love” Love Wire Ring

As you can tell I have a slight obsession with labradorite – a shimmery grey stone that I adore :)

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Jewelry and Candles Craft Fair

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Jou Jou My Love and Lace in June  jewelry and candles craft show. It was a great success thanks to you!

The show was a lot of fun! Everyone mingled while drinking wine and my favorite cocktail – a Moscow Mule made with ginger beer (I’m obsessed), vodka, simple syrup, and lime. Of course food had to be involved too! I made pigs in a blanket and spinach dip which was a huge hit. Laine from Lace in June Candles made a lovely cheese plate.

This is the second time Laine and I have hosted a craft show and we were so excited about it. We hope to have many more of these in the future.

Here are some pictures from the party:


Left photo: Kathryn getting necklaces off the jewelry display.
Top right: Me custom sizing a ring for Megan!
Middle right: the jewelry/candle setup
Bottom right: Laura trying on a necklace


I hung my necklaces for sale on my jewelry frame I DIYed (tutorial in my previous post here).

I should’ve taken this picture before all the candles and necklaces got cleared out from sales :)


Rings, bracelets, earrings, candles!!!

Thanks again everyone for coming! Stay tuned for the next show…

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How I styled my Stitch Fix: a personal touch of my jewelry

My monthly surprise to myself is Stitch Fix. Each month I get 5 pieces of clothing styled just for me – you just have to fill out a questionnaire about your style and you can set the budget on how much you want to spend. If you don’t like the pieces you receive, it’s so easy to return (they even provide a pre-paid envelope for the return). I’ve loved everything so far! And for someone who doesn’t shop much or doesn’t have the greatest fashion sense, it’s awesome. I will definitely be sure to post more pictures from my fixes in the future.

This past Sunday afternoon was spent with my best friend – I sported my Stitch Fix outfit and we decided to have some fun and take some pictures with my jewelry on. Here are some pictures from our jewelry/clothing shoot!


How I styled my fix:

My jeans (Faye Skinny Jean by Just Black) and blue blouse (Barcelona Solid Short Sleeve Blouse by Daniel Rainn) were from Stitch Fix. I got a super cute white blazer from Anthropologie which paired perfectly with the pop of blue. Then, of course had to wear some of my own jewelry creations. I’ve been really into rocks lately and this new necklace is a pretty crystal geode hung along a long gold chain. The bracelets I’m wearing can be found on my website here. And, love the shoes I’m wearing from BC footwear – they are pink and fun!

And here were some of our other fun shots we took wearing Jou Jou My Love jewelry.




Studio Jou Jou My Love – me in the jewelry making works wearing my favorite necklace – a geode crystal rock hanging from a gold chain.

(All pieces worn are new creations and will be posted soon!)

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My Story

My favorite thing to make is rings. I love wearing all kinds of funky rings and the first ring I ever made was this ring.

The first ring I ever made
The first ring I ever made

I walked into a bead store and loved this intricate beautiful ring. To buy it was $35 but to take a class and learn to make it was $30. Of course, I took the class option! That’s when my obsession started- I was literally the ring lady making different colors and variations.

I then expanded to making wire wrapped rings and other unique jewelry. My mother started teaching me the basics of making things like necklaces and earrings as she too is an avid jewelry maker. We shared the same passion for jewelry making and would shop all kinds of bead stores together for hours.

The name of my jewelry shop started because I’m Egyptian and my mother always calls me Jou Jou habibti – Jou Jou is a nickname and habibti in arabic means my love.

That’s how Jou Jou My Love was born.

Here are some of my own creations!

black wire wrapped ring handmade jewelry

Green Goddess Wire Wrapped RingGold Wire Wrapped Handmade Ring with Brown Gemstone

And here are some awesome ring’s I’ve hunted down that I love!

{Ring by Boe}

Layered Rings

{Ring by Kat Gannon}

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Jou Jou My Love Jewelry Show

Last week I hosted a jewelry party at my home and had friends over to celebrate the launch of my redesigned site, Jou Jou My Love Jewelry. My friend Jen whipped out her awesome baking skills and made cookies and cupcakes. We had pigs in a blanket, wine, and lots and lots of cheese! There was a great turnout and my friends left my place happy with unique handmade jewelry to give as last minute Christmas gifts. Here are some snap shots from the event!

Handmade rings and bracelets!
Handmade rings and bracelets!
Handmade necklaces hanging on my DIY crafted Jewelry Frame
Handmade necklaces hanging on my DIY crafted Jewelry Frame
Laine bought this necklace which is now on my site here:
Laine modeling the jewelry! This necklace is now on my site here
Some of the fabulous ladies who came to the Jou Jou My Love Jewelry Show
Some of the fabulous ladies who came to the Jou Jou My Love Jewelry Show