DIY Garment Rack

I have the tiniest closet of life! This DIY is a great way to maximize space if you have a small closet like I do. Plus, I love the way it decorates my space at the same time :)


Materials Needed:
– Metal Spray Paint (I used Rustoleum in metallic)
– 3/4 in x 5 ft black pipe (qty: 3)
– 3/4 in 90 degree black pipe elbow (qty: 2)
– 3/4 in threaded floor flange (qty: 2)
– 4 wheels (Hooded Ball Swivel Plate Casters)
– Wood for the base (5’6 by 1 foot)
– Wood Stain
– Polyurethane
– Sponge and wipe cloth for staining wood
– 1 box of 1 inch wood screws
– Power Drill

DIY Garment Rack Tutorial Steps:

1. Assemble the piping by screwing the elbows onto the both ends of one pipe and finally to the remaining pipes. Attach the threaded floor flanges to the bottom of each pipe. You can temporarily mount the base to two pieces of scratch wood you have lying around (you can kinda see how I did this in #3 of the tutorial image below). This will allow the piping to have support while you spray paint it. Once assembled, spray paint the piping (I used Rustoleum in Metallic).

2. Get a piece of wood from home depot that’s at least 5.5 feet long (mine was about 5’6 by 1 foot wide). Align the wheels on each corner of the wood leaving about 1 inch of space around. Make a pilot hole and then drill the wheels to the base.

3. Stain your wood per instructions on the can allowing a few coats and enough dry time.

4. Use polyurethane in semi-gloss to protect the stained wood.

5. Attach the assembled piping to your wood base. You might need help with this one so someone can hold it while the other drills the nails through. And, there you have it. Easy enough!

DIY-Garment-Rack-industrial-pipe-clothingCheck out the final product – more closet space and a cool new addition to my room!


Oh, and P.S. here’s my tiny little closet, the only ex-drawback of my sweet condo:


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DIY Leather Envelope Clutch

I’ve been wanting to make this DIY for a while now. It’s so easy to make and makes a fun accessory! I made it in just about 4 easy steps. You can use it to hold business cards, money, lip gloss, or whatever!

Here are the instructions and if you don’t feel like making it, purchase it here!


– 9 X 6.5 inches of Leather (I got mine from Tandy Leather)
Leather hole puncher
Business Card Template from Martha Stewart 
Brass Button Studs 
– Pen
– Extra Sharp Scissors
DIY-steps-leather-business-card-clutch DIY Steps:

1. Print out the DIY Leather Business Card Case template from Martha Stewart. Be sure to print it to size. Cut out the pattern and trace it onto the back side of your leather.

2. Cut the leather following the traced pattern as closely as possible.

3. Punch holes on all 4 corners. The top corner will have a slightly larger hole to accommodate for the button.

4. Gather the leather together starting the the inner flaps and finally the bottom flap placing the screw part of the button stud through all three sides of the leather. Screw the top of the button stud on to secure the flaps.

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Soldering Jewelry DIY: The Art of Jewelry Making

Today my Sunday fun day was spent working with fire, heavy tools, sharp metals and high velocity rotary devices! I very much enjoyed taking a soldering jewelry class at The Beehive by local Atlanta designer, Amy Peroni.  If you’re local to Atlanta, I highly recommend this class. A few of the jewelry designers who sell their product in Beehive took the class with me. It was great meeting other local designers. It also made me realize how we are all still learning new things no matter how advanced we are in our craft.

Basically soldering is a process where two or more metal items are joined together by melting and flowing a filler metal (solder) into the joint. The end result is beautiful jewelry from bangle bracelets to rings like the one I made!

I’m excited to take my jewelry to the next level and start making jewelry using this technique. Be on the lookout for some new designs!

Here are some pictures from the class and me playing with fire!



Everyone’s finished product


My first soldered ring with a hand cut heart

These are the steps I took to make this ring:

– 16 gauge wire (or whatever thickness you desire)
Easy Solder Wire
Ring Mandrel
– Wire cutters and pliers
Jewelry File
Rubber Mallet
Copper Tongs
Charcoal Block
Safety Goggles
– Butane Torch
 Crock Pot
– Dremel

1. Wrap your wire (I used 16 gauge wire) around a ring mandrel on the size of your choice. Then cut the wire so you’re left with a circular band.

2. File the edges of the wire so it’s nice and straight with a jewelry file.

3. Push the wire together so that it forms a circle with no gap showing between the joint. It’s ok if it’s not a perfect circle yet. After the ring is soldered it can be reshaped.

4. Place your band on a charcoal block and put a tiny piece of soldering wire on the joint.

5. Use a butane torch and heat the band in a circular motion until the solder flows.

6. With your tongs drop your ring into a bowl of water.

7. With the copper tongs remove the ring from the bowl of water and drop in the crock pot with the pickling solution (Add 1/8 cup of Sparex to 1 cup water in a small crock pot. Plug crock pot in on a low temperature. Sparex works when heated.).

8. Place the ring on the ring mandrel and mold into a perfect circle by using a rubber mallet.

9. To add a charm like the heart on my ring, cut a heart from a metal sheet. Then place solder on the back of the heart and heat like in step 5. Once the solder flows place the band on the back of the heart and heat in a circular motion until the solder flows again.

10. Polish the ring with a dremel or sandpaper.

This video is also great if you want a visual to go along with the steps.

It was a fun project and I was excited to share the experience with you with this tutorial.


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DIY Painted Fabric Chair using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint


I picked up an old chair off craigslist for $25 bucks. It came in this hideous floral fabric print. But I knew it had potential!

I had my eye set on those pretty french style chairs at Anthropologie but thought this DIY would be more fun and save me some money.

People look at me crazy when I say I painted fabric but it’s possible! I used Annie Sloan Chalk paint in Louis Blue for the fabric and Old White for the wood trim of the chair. Annie Sloan Chalk paint is simply amazing! It allows you to paint any surface without primer or sanding – even fabric. It’s super easy and great quality. I went to the Annie Sloan website and located vendors in Atlanta that sold the paint stumbling upon a great local store called the Bird and the Bee.

Materials needed:

 Annie Sloan Chalk paint (I used Louis Blue for the fabric and Old White for the wood trim)
Annie Sloan Soft Wax in Clear 
– Paint Brush (I use a regular paint brush – works just fine! but the Annie Sloan brush can be purchased for a whopping $40).
– Sponge Brush or Annie Sloan Wax Brush 
– Rag Cloth for wiping down the wax
– Sandpaper
– Tape


DIY Painted Fabric Chair Tutorial Steps:

1. Tape the edges of chair so you won’t get the paint for the fabric on the trim.
2. Dip your paintbrush in water then in the paint to get a tiny bit of water in the paint mixture (If you don’t put in a little bit of water the paint will be too thick and the chair will be a little crusty).
3. Paint one layer onto the fabric part of the chair and let dry overnight. I repeated this process until the floral print was no longer present – it took me 3 layers. In between layers I would lightly sand the fabric to make the surface smooth.
4. Paint the trim of the chair and let dry 30-60 minutes – wood dries incredibly fast compared to the fabric and you don’t need to mix the paint with water. Paint a second layer and let dry again.
5. Using a clean sponge paint brush (or Annie Sloan brush made for wax application) apply a small amount of Annie Sloan Soft Wax to the entire chair including the fabric. Waxing the fabric will give the chair a nice leather feel. Wipe down the excess wax with a cotton rag and let set for one day.

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DIY Chalkboard Frame Tutorial

I always look forward once a month to go to Scott’s Antique Market here in Atlanta. It’s full of treasures – old window panes, ceiling tin, antique furniture. I picked up this really cool frame made of ceiling tin and decided it would look great in my kitchen with a chalkboard put in.

Ceiling Tin Frame picked up from Scotts Antique Market
Ceiling Tin Frame picked up from Scotts Antique Market

Materials needed:

– Frame of your choice
– a thin wooden board cut to size (I purchased mine from Home Depot and they were able to cut it to the custom dimensions I provided).
– Primer
– Chalkboard Paint (Can be found at Home Depot or any craft store)
– Chalk
– Paint Brush
– Nails
– Eye Hook Screws
– Hammer
– Picture hanger and Wire

Materials used for the Chalkboard Frame
Materials used for the Chalkboard Frame

1- Have home depot cut a thin piece of wood to the custom dimensions of your frame.
2- Paint the wood with Primer first
3- Paint the wood with chalkboard paint and let dry for at least 1 hour
4- Paint a second coat of chalkboard paint and dry according to the recommended drying times on the paint can.
5- Insert the fully dried board into the back of your frame. Hammer nails into the sides of the frame to secure the board.
6- Adhere eye hook screws on each side of the frame towards the top and string wire through to create a hanging element.
7- Start drawing! Put a quote on your new chalkboard or a shopping list – be creative.

Here's the final product - looks lovely in my kitchen!
Here’s the final product – looks lovely in my kitchen!


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