Ring FAQ’s

How do I know what size ring I need to get?

a ring sizing chart is available here. simply wrap a small piece of paper around your finger and measure to determine the diameter of your finger. then, compare your results to the sizing chart provided. if you still don’t know what size to get, contact me for assistance.

are beaded rings made with stretch string?

no, the ring is not made with stretch string. however, when you begin to where the ring, it may be tight at first, but will stretch a bit to conform to the size of your finger

how do i care for my ring?

-remove your ring before handling any alcohol-based products such as perfume, hairspray, household cleaners or nailpolish remover.
-remove your ring before you wash your hands, shower, or swim.
-remember, just treat your ring with care like any other piece of jewelry you have and there should be no problem!!!

have more questions?

if you didn’t see the answer to your question here, feel free to contact me.