My Story

My favorite thing to make is rings. I love wearing all kinds of funky rings and the first ring I ever made was this ring.

The first ring I ever made
The first ring I ever made

I walked into a bead store and loved this intricate beautiful ring. To buy it was $35 but to take a class and learn to make it was $30. Of course, I took the class option! That’s when my obsession started- I was literally the ring lady making different colors and variations.

I then expanded to making wire wrapped rings and other unique jewelry. My mother started teaching me the basics of making things like necklaces and earrings as she too is an avid jewelry maker. We shared the same passion for jewelry making and would shop all kinds of bead stores together for hours.

The name of my jewelry shop started because I’m Egyptian and my mother always calls me Jou Jou habibti – Jou Jou is a nickname and habibti in arabic means my love.

That’s how Jou Jou My Love was born.

Here are some of my own creations!

black wire wrapped ring handmade jewelry

Green Goddess Wire Wrapped RingGold Wire Wrapped Handmade Ring with Brown Gemstone

And here are some awesome ring’s I’ve hunted down that I love!

{Ring by Boe}

Layered Rings

{Ring by Kat Gannon}

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