My Everyday Jewelry Style

Lately, I find myself wearing these pieces of jewelry. They are some of my favorite creations and I wear them daily!


Pictured from front to back:

– Labradorite earrings (posting soon! I only have one more of these and will hopefully restock soon)
“Gravity” Labradorite bracelet
– 14K gold filled necklace with Druzy pendent (this is a one of a kind stone I found and will be posting similar necklaces as I acquire different stones. I have a new fascination with all these pretty sparkly stones. This one is druzy).
“Sweetest Little Heart” Ring
– Labradorite wire ring (Shop similar wire wrapped rings here)
“Fall in Love” Love Wire Ring

As you can tell I have a slight obsession with labradorite – a shimmery grey stone that I adore 🙂

♥ Jou Jou My Love Jewelry