Jou Jou Italy Style

I love traveling. I really enjoy walking around aimlessly, getting lost, and taking lots of photos. I recently had the opportunity to travel to Italy.

Burano, a village within Venice, was my favorite place! It was a cute colorful little town known for lace making.

Every building was brightly painted different colors – it was definitely a photographers dream.

And, Murano was a river boat away from Burano, known for their handmade glassblowing. Most of the shops I passed in Venice were full of handmade Murano glass jewelry. From a jewelry designer’s perspective, it was great to see a whole world of craft and a village dedicated to the art of jewelry making.


burano-italy-travel-jewelry-jou-jou-my-lovePretty pink colors – I think they painted the building to match the flowers 😉 



This was my jewelry / fashion style while walking the pretty streets of Italy.


Venice was beautiful – a maze of cobble stone roads. Every corner had a canal with pretty gondolas. There were no cars – how peaceful.


I hiked 2 miles at Cinque Terre and this is me overlooking the beautiful view (see below for actual view) wearing my favorite jewelry creations.


Italy – Jou Jou Style!

♥ Jou Jou My Love Jewelry