DIY Jewelry Frame Display


As a jewelry designer I constantly run into the struggle of organization. I decided to make this lovely jewelry frame display to showcase my creations instead of tucking them away in my jewelry cabinet. Not only does this frame help organize my jewelry, but it makes for a great decorative piece in my bedroom that I constantly get compliments on.


– Frame of your choice
– Thin board from local hardware store cut to size of frame (Home Depot will cut to your dimensions at no charge)
– Cork board (optional)
– metallic gold spray paint
– Quilters T pins or push pins (if your using the cork board option)
– Hammer
– Nails
– Hanging wire and eye hooks
– Jewelry! Shop Jou Jou My Love if you need to stock up 🙂 


DIY steps:

1). Pick out a frame. I found mine at Scotts Antique Market in Atlanta.

2) My frame wasn’t too pretty at first sight so I spray painted it metallic gold.

3). Measure the inside of the frame. Go to a hardware store such as Home Depot and pick out a thin piece of wooden board. Home Depot will cut the board for free to your specifications.

Optional: you can also get a cork board from Michaels and glue the cork board to the wooden board if you want to use push pins to hold the jewelry. Otherwise, the quilters T -pins work nicely for hanging the jewelry.

4). Pick out some fabric or lace to cover the board. You will want it to be bigger than the wooden board so about an inch and a half of fabric covers the back of the board. I originally picked out a black lace to go over the board. It was very pretty but it was hard to see my jewelry on the board with such a dark background. I re-covered my board with a light canvas fabric which looked great too!  Adhere the fabric to the board by using a staple gun.

5). Attach the fabric covered board to the back of the frame. Use nails to secure the board in place. Screw two eye hook nails on each side of the back of the frame and hang a wire through the eye holes so you can easily hang your new jewelry frame on the wall.

6). Shop Jou Jou My Love for jewelry to fill up your new jewelry display! Use quilters T pins to hang the jewelry. You can also use push pins if you decided to adhere a cork board to the board within the frame.

See how this jewelry display dresses up my bedroom so nicely!


all pieces hung on this frame is handmade by myself at

♥ Jou Jou My Love Jewelry