DIY Garment Rack

I have the tiniest closet of life! This DIY is a great way to maximize space if you have a small closet like I do. Plus, I love the way it decorates my space at the same time šŸ™‚


Materials Needed:
– Metal Spray Paint (I used Rustoleum in metallic)
– 3/4 in x 5 ft black pipe (qty: 3)
– 3/4 in 90 degree black pipe elbow (qty: 2)
– 3/4 in threaded floor flange (qty: 2)
– 4 wheels (Hooded Ball Swivel PlateĀ Casters)
– Wood for the base (5’6 by 1 foot)
– Wood Stain
– Polyurethane
– Sponge and wipe cloth for staining wood
– 1 box of 1 inch wood screws
– Power Drill

DIY Garment RackĀ Tutorial Steps:

1. Assemble the piping by screwing the elbows onto the both ends of one pipe and finally to the remaining pipes. Attach the threaded floor flanges to the bottom of each pipe. You can temporarily mount the base to two pieces of scratch wood you have lying aroundĀ (you can kinda see how I did this in #3 of the tutorial image below). This will allow the piping to have support while you spray paint it. Once assembled, spray paint the piping (I used Rustoleum in Metallic).

2. Get a piece of wood from home depot that’s at least 5.5 feet long (mine was about 5’6 by 1 foot wide). Align the wheels on each corner of the wood leaving about 1 inch of space around. Make a pilot hole and then drill the wheels to the base.

3. Stain your wood per instructions on the can allowing a few coats and enough dry time.

4. Use polyurethane in semi-glossĀ to protect the stained wood.

5. Attach the assembled piping to your wood base. You might need help with this one so someone can hold it while the other drills the nails through. And, there you have it. Easy enough!

DIY-Garment-Rack-industrial-pipe-clothingCheck out the final product – more closet space and a cool new addition to my room!


Oh, and P.S. here’s my tiny little closet, the only ex-drawback of my sweet condo:


ā™„Ā Jackie


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  1. Hi it cost a little over $100 I believe. The most expensive thing was the pipes. I bought nicer pipes that weren’t scratchy. There were defined cheaper ones you could get!

    Xoxo –
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  2. Hi!!i did something like this in galvanized but the paint is really bad (rost oleum too). Why is that??should i sand the galvanized?greetings from Argentina!!

  3. Do I paint first and assemble later or assemble first and paint last ? I’m using for my retail store .

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